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Portable Power Station, 500Wh 95000mAh Power Inverter Battery Generator,110V AC Outlet,2 USB

编号 DG600
Series D Series

DOCA Portable Power Generator - Rechargeable Battery Pack Power Supply, Charged by Solar Panel / Wall Outlet / Car ( 500Wh 95000mAh Capacity )

▲ Features
★ AC alternating current output, and is pure sine wave alternating current, with inductive load appliances (vacuum cleaner, fan) advantage.
★ Multi-function socket, compatible with different countries plug standard.
★ 110V/220V voltage can be customized to meet the requirements of different national grid standards.
★ Large capacity high rate electric core, 2L displacement car starting frequency more than 90.
★ 12V/16V/19V output, directly to the notebook power supply, wireless portable adapter.
★ 2 USB output, super bright lighting LED, more suitable for field lighting.
★ Compatible with Solar Panel Power Generators, Not Included.
★ Perfect for Outdoor Travel, Beach Visits, Camping, Hiking, Fishing,CAPA,Emergency and more occasions.

☛ Q: How long will the power station take to fully charged ?
✔A: Fully charged takes 5 hours by 12.6V / 5V adapter.

☛ Q: How many times to start cars ?
✔A: Car provide over 90 times to start 2000cc cars continuously.

☛ Q: What is the time of Alternating current output ?
A: It can provide 7 hours working on 80W television, 8 hours working on computer,70 hours lighting on LED lamp and LED torch.

☛ Q: What is the holding time ?
✔A: 24 months,it is advised to recharge it every 3 months.

▲ Package Contents
▪ 1 * AC Adapter
▪ 1 * 4 in 1 Charging Cable
▪ 1 * Laptop Connect Cable
▪ 8 * Laptop Connector
▪ 1 * Screwdriver
▪ 1 * Fuse
▪ 1 * User Manual With Warranty Card
▪ 1 * Certification

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