The car can't start, should your car battery be changed?

No one can start the car, and it is estimated that half of the owners will be at a loss, then call the rescue. The experienced car owner has already taken out the car emergency start power self-help rescue started. The car can't start to have a big relationship with the car battery, so today Xiaobian brings a battery knowledge.power bank plant

The car can't start. Do you know about the battery?

1, the engine voltage is too low

Some vehicles have a voltage display on the dashboard. After the vehicle is started, the voltage of the generator is around 14V. If it is lower than 13V, it means that the car generator has failed. It is recommended to go to the 4S shop for inspection and repair.

2, excessive discharge

Make sure you forget to turn off the appliance when you leave, such as car headlights, reading lights, and so on. If this is the case, your car battery will be consumed a lot by the appliances, and even the battery will be completely out of power. In this case, if you are closer to the city, you can ask the insurance company to provide free rescue. If it is too far away or the time is tight, then use the car emergency power supply self-help rescue. In addition, the next time you remember to turn off the appliance and then leave when you stop the parking, this deep discharge will cause great damage to the battery, and the battery life will be greatly shortened.

3, parking too long

If it is not the above two situations, think about how long your car has been parked. Some car owners often travel a business, and a business trip is a week or even longer. If you travel for a long time, it will not start, and the battery will be used within one and a half years. This may cause the car to leak. It is necessary to look at the electric eye on the top cover of the battery. If the electric eye is white, the leakage of the car should be the main reason. You should go to a professional battery store to check if there is any leakage.

4, fuel exhaustion

Some car owners, after starting the car, start the vehicle and hear the motor rotate, but the car can't start. At this time, you can check whether the fuel meter is running out of fuel. Also think about whether your car has a hidden lock. Don't think that this is a joke. I have encountered a lot of such rescue targets. Excluding it, maybe it will catch fire.

5. Is the speaker enough?

If the above reasons are not, then press the car horn, the speaker is not loud enough? If the instrument light does not become very dark due to the horn, the ignition switch does not respond, so there may be problems with your ignition system, such as the ignition lock is broken, or the motor is broken.

6, battery aging

Once the battery is not activated enough, or the dashboard light is dim when the car is ignited, or the ignition time is longer than normal. These phenomena indicate that your battery has been aging. It is recommended to have a car emergency start power supply just in case, but the most insured need to replace the matching battery.

7, the battery smells hot

There are also some careful car owners reacting and smelling the battery is stinky. Please see if the battery is steaming or not. If the battery is hot, the meter display voltage is not high. In this case, the battery is broken, please replace the battery.

to sum up

Under normal circumstances, the normal life of a car battery is about 2-3 years, but there are many people who have used it for more than 4 years. The service life of the battery is related to the driving habits of the owner and the maintenance of the battery. Here is the opinion that if you encounter problems that may be related to the battery, please don't panic, first carry out the self-test battery and solve it. If you don't find out the reason, you can try to use the car emergency start power to start the fire. Finally, Consider call rescue again.

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