High polymer lithium battery and special low temperature battery for emergency start power supply

With the development of intelligent vehicles, more and more electrical equipment such as GPS, driving recorders, and air purifiers are on the vehicle, which meets the needs of many passengers and greatly improves the driving experience. The use of electrical equipment has also increased the burden on the battery, which is likely to cause the battery to lose power and fail to start the car, which brings great trouble to the owner.

When people are still struggling with cold weather or losing battery power to start a car, the idea of inventing a car emergency power supply is undoubtedly very creative.


Car emergency start power products have experienced rapid development in just a few years, from the initial single car emergency start to now become an "artifact" that combines mobile power, car air pump and outdoor lighting. More and more riders They are used to having a spare in the trunk of the car to prevent emergency needs. With the development of science and technology, the emergency power supply of automobiles has gradually developed towards multi-functional, safe and environmentally friendly, light and small, and the application is not limited to the automotive field, but also covers the sea, land and air fields. Among them, DOCA Technology, which masters the core technology of the industry, has the most distinctive features. The products have a high reputation in the industry, and the quality of technology and products has been widely recognized and praised by users.

1. High polymer lithium battery and special low temperature battery

As a car emergency start power source, when used as a car emergency start, its role is completely different from that of the backup battery, which determines its safety, portability and cost performance. Abandoning bulky lead-acid batteries and switching to lithium batteries for emergency start-up power supply is a great breakthrough, which is of great significance in terms of safety and environmental protection. It is precisely because of this idea that Anga was born, and the lithium battery car emergency start power supply industry.

The high-polymer lithium battery of the Anga car emergency start-up power supply has the characteristics of good safety performance, stable and reliable, lighter and thinner, large capacity, high conversion rate and long service life. The polymer lithium battery generally refers to a polymer lithium ion battery, and the cathode material of the lithium ion battery mainly includes lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobaltate and ternary lithium. Since the solid electrolyte is used instead of the liquid electrolyte, the polymer lithium ion battery has the advantages of being thinner, arbitrarily aread, and arbitrarily shaped compared with the liquid lithium ion battery, so that the battery casing can be fabricated from the aluminum-plastic composite film, thereby It can improve the specific capacity of the whole battery; the high polymer lithium ion battery can also use the polymer as the positive electrode material, and its mass specific energy will be increased by more than 20% compared with the current liquid lithium ion battery. High-polymer lithium-ion batteries are characterized by miniaturization, thinness, light weight, and higher safety, such as a thickness as thin as 0.5 mm.

Cold winters can be a "nightmare" for car owners. Usually, in the cold winter, the car is difficult to start more frequently. For military products, the requirements for high and low temperature resistant products are more stringent. The special low-temperature battery has the characteristics of high energy density and high safety performance. It adopts intelligent charging and discharging management system, which can intelligently judge and accurately control the voltage and current. Under low temperature conditions, charge and discharge automatic heating; under high temperature conditions, charge and discharge automatic protection; can be used in a wide range of temperatures from -45 ° C to 60 ° C, completely solve the problem of starting difficulties caused by the failure of military tank vehicle battery in low temperature environment. In addition, the battery of the special battery of military products is designed for high power and large capacity, which enhances the endurance of the product and meets the long-term use requirements in the outdoor.

Second, the intelligent BMS management system

Generally speaking, the battery management system BMS is a circuit protection board, in order to ensure the normal and efficient battery charge and discharge. With a smart BMS management system, high-polymer lithium batteries can be used to a greater extent, improving battery utilization. Early lithium-ion battery management systems generally only had simple functions of monitoring battery voltage, temperature, current, etc. As lithium batteries were increasingly used in high-power devices, the requirements for battery management systems were increasing. The intelligent BMS management system can quickly and reliably monitor the charge and discharge status, health status and functional status according to the starting ability, and protect the charge and discharge, battery pack equalization, etc., thereby improving battery life and battery conversion rate as much as possible. . E&F's high-power automotive lithium-ion battery start-up system meets the requirements of high-power battery module structure and BMS management system.

Third, fast charge input and output technology

If you run into a phone and have an urgent need to go out, the phone battery will not change its "turtle speed" because you stare at it. Angka's products come with a two-way USB interface, a Type-CPD protocol and a special PD protocol compatible with other fast-charge protocols. It can not only realize fast charging function for mobile phones, but also compatible with devices such as notebooks, tablets, smart phones, monitors and other Type-C ports. The charging speed is about 4 times faster and the versatility is high! Under the current fast-charge technology of multi-protocol coexistence, it has great competitive advantages. For us who are fast-paced, fast charging is undoubtedly a practical technology.

Fourth, high efficiency BUCK and BOOST program technology and self-test system

With the development of power electronics technology, semiconductor technology and integrated circuit design and manufacturing technology, portable devices are increasingly used, and higher requirements are imposed on switching power supply chips. Mainly include: providing a stable output voltage over a larger input voltage range, high efficiency operation over a full load range, and smaller size. A BUCK-BOOST switching power supply control chip is currently a technology that has attracted much attention at home and abroad.

The most important feature of BUCK and BOOST technology is that it greatly improves the conversion efficiency of the battery. For example, the voltage of the lithium battery can be raised to 15V first, and then the BUCK circuit with constant current is used to continuously control the output current to 14.5A, and the fastest charging speed of the cigarette butt is achieved within the full voltage range of the lithium battery. In addition, due to the role of the BOOST isolation diode, when the car is started, the high voltage generated by the car starter does not reversely charge the lithium battery, thereby achieving the purpose of safely and quickly charging the car battery.

The self-test system is a product with a self-test function, which can determine whether it can work normally. For example, when the 24V power button or LED button is pressed, the product will perform basic performance check of the host circuit. After booting, you can self-check product status, detect voltage, relay switch, heating function, and start battery. When the operation steps are not correct or there is a fault, the LED will display a different color.

5. Explosion-proof systems and special process technologies

The explosion-proof system can make the product achieve safe fall and non-destructive drop, effectively interrupting the external explosion and internal faults. Angjia's emergency start power products mainly use ABS V0 fire retardant materials, which have excellent mechanical and fireproof performance. The surface of the product is treated with special processes, durable, wear-resistant, non-slip, and anti-drop. The designed sandwich structure is high in strength, light in weight and high in hardness, taking into account reliability, performance and durability.

Six, rich interface, more features

Rich interface greatly enhances the scalability of the product. It can supply power to mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, PSPs, car-mounted appliances (car refrigerators, car air pumps). Full-featured, can meet the charging needs of different electronic products; the built-in lighting function, provide three modes: strong light illumination, flashing reminder, SOS help signal; LED screen intelligent display of car battery voltage and internal resistance, product voltage, SOC And other information.

Seven, long life, intelligent protection

Durable, built-in battery charge and discharge cycles ≥ 1000 times, can be used for 3-5 years under normal conditions. Safe and reliable protection system: In order to ensure the safety of the product, a built-in intelligent protection system is designed with a dedicated lithium battery protection circuit to prevent overcharge, over discharge, over current, over voltage and short circuit protection. Or equipped with eight protected smart battery clips (reverse protection, reverse charging protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection, over charge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, over voltage protection) to provide safety for each ignition start .

Eight, master the core technology patents, through various types of global certification

Regarding the core technology, there is a very vivid and alarming metaphor: "Even if the scale of a company is large and the market value is high, if the core components are heavily dependent on others, the "life gate" of the supply chain is in the hands of others. It is like building a house on someone else's wall. If you are beautiful, you may not be able to withstand the wind and rain, and you may even be vulnerable." Without core technology, you can only be subject to people. The key core technology is whether you can't come, buy it, or ask for it. From "Made in China" to "Made in China", we must firmly grasp the initiative of innovation and the initiative of development in our own hands. Angjia has more than 100 global patents, and its products have passed many certifications such as FCC, UL, CE, RoHS, CQC, and national military standards, which can meet the requirements of many countries and regions.

IX. International design level

How to judge whether a product is a "good" product? Solve the user's needs and pain points, or bring value to the user? As a technology product, you must consider not only innovation, uniqueness, but also aesthetics. The designers of DOCA hope to present more perfect products to users, integrate technology and design, enhance the user experience, and make it popular from the useful, easy to use and favorite product design.

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