Car emergency tools, what are the car spare tools?

On the way to the car, it is inevitable that we will encounter some sudden small problems that we need to solve. If there is no emergency tool, we can only wait for others to rescue on the roadside. In order to avoid this situation, Che Lian Xiaobian introduced several commonly used emergency supplies for the owners of the car owners. I hope that you will always be prepared and prepared.

spare tire

The spare tire is usually the one that hangs behind the car or in the trunk of the car, which you may not use for a lifetime. However, the spare tire is very important for the use of the car, especially at high speed. In order to avoid the impact of the trip, we must pay attention to the substitute tire. As a car owner, you must have a general understanding of spare tires. If you need to use a spare tire, you will not be at a power plant


How can a spare tire have no jacks? The car jack is placed inside the car's toolbox and used to replace the spare tire to lift the body. Automobile jacks have pneumatic jacks, electric jacks, hydraulic jacks and mechanical jacks. Hydraulic and mechanical jacks are commonly used. When using the on-board mechanical jack, be sure to align the position of the vehicle.


The wrench, like the jack, is the tool to use when changing the tire. Wrenches are a common installation and removal tool. Use the principle of leverage to twist bolts, screws, nuts, and other hand tools that hold the opening or socket firmware of the bolt or nut. New cars are now equipped with tire wrenches. When the tire fails, it can be replaced in time.

Take the line

In the summer, after turning off the engine, we prefer to have air conditioners, stereos, etc. in the car. This consumes a lot of electricity. If the car’s battery is used for a long time, it happens to not open often, and it can’t beat the fire. It is very normal. When the car is out of power and cannot be started, it can be started by the battery of another vehicle. It should be noted during use that the two cars cannot have any contact, and the electronic systems of the two cars must have the same voltage.

Car starter power

I believe that many of my friends have also encountered such a situation that the car has no electricity. At this time, if the second car cannot be found to help the ride, the general result is called rescue. It takes a lot of time to call rescue and wait for rescue. If the car is equipped with a car emergency start power supply, it would be fine. The car starter power supply is a car battery. When the battery is exhausted or the power is insufficient, the "car start power" can assist the battery to start the vehicle. It can also be used for quick charging. It is an indispensable accessory for cars.

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