Tell you the unit conversion in the car's emergency starting power supply

The car emergency starting power supply is a multi-functional portable mobile power product developed in recent years. It can not only support the emergency start of the car, but also can support multiple outputs (such as 5V output, 19V output, etc.). At the same time, the conversion methods of MAH and WH in the car emergency starting power supply have been a question in many people's minds, then you know how to convert the MAH and WH in the car emergency starting power supply? The following small series tells you:


The mAh in an automotive emergency start-up power supply is not an energy unit. It also needs to have the current voltage to be truly energy. Therefore, it can be based on the evolution formula of Ohm's law under the pure resistance circuit: I = Q / t (current = charge, that is, power / time), we can see that Q = It (electricity = current A or mA × time h), so it has Battery capacity in mAh.


The Wh in the car's emergency start-up power supply refers to the amount of voltage, current, and time that are proportional to each other. This amount is called electric quantity. For example, W=Pt (electrical power J=electrical power W or kW×time h), so when the voltage V is described in the battery of the car emergency starting power source, it generally follows Wh in the back, so that it represents how much power the battery can perform. Therefore we can conclude that 1A = 1000mA1W = 1VA. So 1wh=1VAh=1000maVh. If it is a 10V 1000mah battery, we convert it to wh which is 10V*1Ah(1000mah=1Ah)=10wh. As for how much time it can take, we need to look at the power of the power plant


The content of the above introduction is the conversion method of MAH and WH in the emergency power supply for automobiles. If you have other questions about this area that you do not understand, you can also contact us and we will have professional staff to answer in detail.

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