Looking at the unlimited possibilities created by China from new energy vehicles

n many people's minds, our country’s level of environmental protection technology is not advanced, but for many visitors who visited the previous session of the High Fair, this understanding was completely subverted. Taking the weaker new energy vehicles of scientific research in our country as an example, the “New Energy Vehicles and Connected Vehicles Special Pavilion” specially set up by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, one of the organizers of the High-Tech Fair, revolves around the theme of “Green Intelligence, Smooth Travel to China”, not only It only showed the application of new energy vehicles as a whole and parts technology, and also reflected the unlimited possibilities created by China.mobile power plant

In the “New Energy Vehicles and Vehicle Network Special Feature Pavilion”, BYD Company, a local auto company in Shenzhen, demonstrated that the “Qin” model car equipped with the second-generation DM hybrid has taken the limelight. It is understood that as a hybrid car 0 to 100 kilometers to accelerate only 6 seconds, and the maximum speed of up to 185km / h, while the fuel consumption is only 2L 100 kilometers; even in the pure electric driving state can continue to drive 70KM, to deal with the city business Daily needs such as travel, driving by car are more than enough. This BYD's self-developed car can be called an advanced hybrid car in various parameters.

At the Geely booth, the pure electric vehicle EC7-EV, which is still under development, has attracted the attention of many people. The two-cell battery combination with a mileage of about 165km and a long mileage of 250km is designed. The maximum speed is 200km/h, and the charging speed is up to 80% in 30 minutes! The exhibition of such advanced new energy vehicles will allow viewers to imagine the future without exhaustion. It will also make the audience all wonder that the excitement at the High-Tech Fair is so incredible.

Maybe, the current traditional car industry Lin Lin, the brand impression is deeply ingrained, but with the gradual depletion of oil resources, society is increasingly attaching importance to environmental protection, traditional cars will become outdated, new energy vehicles will become a great success New industry. The infinite possibilities that China will create in the cause of environmental protection will be amplified, extended, and even radiated to foreign countries. It is inseparable from the high-tech fair, which provides a professional platform for docking, exchange, and financing. The last session of the Hi-tech Fair has made everyone lament the advancement of China’s new energy vehicles. It is conceivable that the opening of the 17th Hi-tech Fair will be the time when China’s creation will refresh us again.

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