High performance flexible super capacitor, wearable device battery future!

Recently, scientists from MIT have developed a new type of flexible supercapacitor based on nanowires, which can be said to be a new generation of ideal energy for fitness trackers and other wearable devices.

Life is particularly important for smart watches and fitness trackers that are becoming more and more popular nowadays, but we all know that these devices are generally not large, which means that their battery capacity will not be too high. The best way is to use a small super capacitor - it can provide fast high power electrical pulse. MIT researchers demonstrated experiments on a variety of materials. Eventually they found that carbon nanotubes and graphene were the best performers, thanks to their larger surface area than other materials—the larger surface area means that Accommodate more ions, which is more energy.mobile power plant

MIT chose germanium nanowires as electrodes for miniature supercapacitors. According to researchers, this supercapacitor has a power density of up to 55 W/cc—3.5 times that of a carbon nanotube supercapacitor. In addition, this capacitor also has the advantage of small size. It is reported that the capacitor does not require any metal support, which will greatly save the space required. The cesium that it uses is a relatively abundant substance in nature, so its cost will be relatively cheap. Imagine how much of this technology will be applied to the car's emergency power supply.

Although the current supercapacitor is only confined to the laboratory, researchers say that they will then design and manufacture a version suitable for mass production.

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