When will new battery technology be stable and lasting?

In addition to battery life can not meet the user's needs, the stability of the battery seems to be a problem, this can be seen from time to time some of the battery explosion, spontaneous combustion events.mobile power plant

Then, a question worth pondering is when will stable, long-lasting new battery technologies enter the market and enter our lives?

Taking into account the serious mismatch between battery technology and digital device batteries, in order to allow consumers to get rid of the current situation of low battery power, major manufacturers have entered the stage of research and development of new battery technologies. The ultimate goal of manufacturers developing new battery technologies is to apply them to their own products as soon as possible to improve the lifespan and stability of the products. From the current point of view, improved technologies based on lithium batteries are the most likely to enter the market first. .

Some consumers believe that the current endurance of digital products is too short, in large part because of the thin and light body designs that designers use. The limitation of the body size determines that the battery used by the device cannot have a large capacity. Because of this, we have seen many designs that improve the battery life, such as the layered lithium-ion battery design of the LG G2 mobile phone and the rapidity of Qualcomm. Charging technology and so on, these technologies have improved the capacity of the battery to a certain extent, prolonged the use time of the battery, but still cannot solve the problem fundamentally.

When will a stable and lasting new battery technology come?

As mentioned above, the improved technology of lithium batteries will not be able to play a role for a half hour. Since the internal batteries do not work, then we need to work hard from external power sources, such as mobile power. In addition to the traditional mobile power supply, we have previously reported many highly mobile power products, such as the Blue Freedom, which is powered by water in the water, and the high-power emergency power supply for European and American markets.

In addition, there are some solar charging mobile phones that can absorb light for charging in some markets, but in essence, lithium batteries are still used internally.

Of course, it is undeniable that researchers have made some achievements in new battery technologies, such as lithium anode batteries, silicon batteries, and nano-generators that absorb noise for power generation, but these technologies can only work in the laboratory. In order to put it into commercial use, it also needs some reasonable measures.

In other words, it will take 5 to 10 years or even longer for the new battery technology to achieve long-lasting, stable, and easy-to-use results. Until then, lithium batteries will continue to provide life for our digital devices.

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